Man plays Q*bert for more than 80 hours, breaks 30-year-old record

Q*bert is having something of a renaissance these days. After playing a pivotal role in last year's game-friendly film Wreck-It Ralph, the big nosed video game icon is at the center of a pair of new video game records.

George Leutz has broken the reigning Q*bert high score, a record that stood for 30 years, by playing the classic coin-op for nearly 85 consecutive hours. He pressed play right before noon on February 14 and didn't finish playing until 12:38am on February 18th.

When he finally stepped away, he had earned a score of 37,163,080, more than enough to top the 1983 record of 33,273,520.

As he played, Leutz had to keep checking over his shoulder, since another Q*bert fanatic was also trying to break the record. Ed Heemskerk fell a bit short, throwing in the towel after 63 hours and 4 minutes with a score of 28,870,165.

Leutz did more than set the Q*bert high score, however: he also toppled Heemskerk's arcade longevity record, which was set last year. The two have been battling for Q*bert superiority for over a decade.

George LeutzLeutz has been focused on claiming the Q*bert high score crown for quite a while now. Two years ago, he fell short when fatigue wiped him out at the 54-hour mark.

The month prior, he had gotten 36 hours into an attempt when the game was reset after someone unplugged a machine elsewhere in the arcade. We're not sure what Leutz had to say when that happened, but we're guessing "@!#?@!" didn't quite cover it.

When you're that dedicated to breaking a record, you earn some admirers – and among those in Leutz's corner were Warren Davis, creator of the iconic game.

"I think it's amazing that George wants to beat the record on Q*bert and I'm in his corner all the way," Davis told Arcade Game Examiner during the initial record run. "Thanks, George, for keeping the spirit of Q*bert alive! Wish I could be there in person."

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